About us

NhanViet Investment and Development Joint Stock Company was established in 2012. With a team of experienced leaders and staff, we are proud to be one of the pioneers in the field of export labor in Vietnam.

Is an enterprise operating in the field of supplying Vietnamese labor to foreign enterprises and factories. We always focus on training employees, ensuring quality and qualifications to be able to meet the needs of business partners. Owning a staff of over 80 people, with representative offices and a network of collaborators spread across Vietnam's provinces and cities. We always recruit and supply a stable, high-quality, disciplined workforce that meets the highest requirements from foreign partners.

Nhan Viet's goal is sustainable development and cooperation in the spirit of mutual benefit. Therefore, during our operation, we always aim to build and maintain trust with customers and further enhance the trust that customers have in the Company. With a team of qualified, dynamic, enthusiastic and highly responsible staff, Nhan Viet provides services in the field of study abroad consulting, vocational training in countries and territories such as Taiwan, Japan. Japan, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia...and expanding worldwide. On average, the company sends thousands of qualified and high-quality workers abroad every year.